Solar GB Panel

Panels made of innovative glass components (called “SolarGB”), able to produce clean energy thanks to the integration with coloured and transparent Dye-Sensitized Solar Cells (DSCs).

This photovoltaic technology maintains constant conversion efficiency even in diffused light conditions allowing for high performance in different installation configurations (surface angle and orientation).

DSCs are also a bifacial photovoltaic technology that exploits both internal and external light sources and their efficiency is not affected by high temperatures.

The Solar GB Panels are dry assembled and prestressed and can be used for the construction of building facades and roofs, internal and external partitions.


Customize your skin


  • Clean energy production
  • Photovoltaics performance independent of the specific installation conditions (e.g. operative temperature, angle of incidence, panel orientation)
  • Dry prefabricated components
  • Fast and simultaneous installation of the building element and PV system
  • High mechanical resistanc
  • Recyclable
  • Dismountable
  • Customizable (in colour and finishing)


  • Façades*
  • Roofs*
  • Internal vertical and horizontal partitions
  • External vertical and horizontal partitions

* when a high insulation is not required

SBskin dry assembly system VS traditional mortar-based assembly system

With the innovative SBskin assembly systems, only 30 minutes are needed to assemble a 2 sqm panel, as opposed to what happens with mortar-based solutions which depend on curing time. This results in significant time and money savings without compromising the quality of the result. In the case of the Solar products, in particular, the dry assembly also guarantees a correct and precise connection of the photovoltaic modules, through customized weatherproof connectors and stoppers.

With the traditional mortar-based assembly systems, the quality of the construction of the building element (façade, roof, internal partition…) is strictly related to the specific, local labor skills. On the contrary, the dry prefabricated SBskin panels allows for a perfect realization of translucid building elements with only 2 mm joints between the glass blocks.

SBskin’s panels are also prestressed to resist earthquakes and wind forces, allowing for high-rise building installations.

Besides the enhanced insulation power, the use of plastic profiles to assemble the panels allows for an easy maintenance and dismantlement, recyclability of the subcomponents and a high product customizability.

Advantages of the dry assembly system

  • Ideal for curtain-wall application;
  • Time for construction: 30 min for 2 sqm;
  • Joints: 2 mm;
  • Results independent of labor skill;
  • High mechanical features to resist earthquakes and wind force;
  • Recyclable, dismountable, easy maintenance;
  • Customizability;
  • Thermal insulation.

Traditional mortar-based assembly system

  • Placement occurring on an existing substructure;
  • Time of construction: dependent on mortar curing time;
  • Joints: 5-10 mm;
  • Results dependant on labor skill;
  • Limited mechanical features to resist earthquakes and wind force.

Technical features

  • Glass block dimensions

    190 x 190 x 80 mm

  • Joint dimensions

    2 mm

  • Panel height

    Adaptable to the design requirements according to the modular dimensions of the glass block and the joint (192 x 192 mm)

  • Panel width

    Adaptable to the design requirements according to the modular dimensions of the glass block and the joint (192 x 192 mm)

  • Weight

    ~100 Kg/sqm

  • Panel thickness

    80 mm

  • Materials

    Dye-sensitized Solar Cells (DSC), glass, steel, plastic

  • Thermal transmittance

    2.3 W/sqmK


The features of the panels depend on those of the constituting components: particularly, on the type of PV module used – available in three colors (red, green, and orange) and in different transparency levels – and on the color of the plastic material used for panels’ supporting elements, which can be combined to obtain a versatile product, able to fulfill the needs of different customers.
Further information are available on request.