Enhanced thermal insulation

SBskin patented technology provides high level of thermal insulations thanks to the innovative glass block configuration. In addition, the coloured and transparent solar cells limit the excessive solar gain allowing for restrained energy consumption in summer while producing clean energy from the sun

Fully dry and mortarless technology

SBskin has patented a full dry assembly system based on coloured and recyclable plastic profiles. The system allows for a reduction in time and cost of installation while guaranteeing high mechanical features to resist earthquakes and wind force and great architectural results

Great flexibility of architectural and construction solutions

SBskin products are highly customizable in terms of dimension, colours, transparency and design to meet customers’ need and architects’ vision

Enhanced aesthetics at a sustainable price

A great variety of design compositions can be obtained thanks to the modularity of the glass components and playing with the features and the colours of the different constructive elements. With this solution, buildings façades and roofs can be transformed in pixelated surfaces to create attractive architectural features at a sustainable price

SBskin dry assembly system VS traditional mortar-based assembly system

Advantages of the dry assembly system

  • Ideal for curtain-wall application;
  • Time for construction: 30 min for 2 sqm;
  • Joints: 2 mm;
  • Results independent of labor skill;
  • High mechanical features to resist earthquakes and wind force;
  • Recyclable, dismountable, easy maintenance;
  • Customizability;
  • Thermal insulation.

Traditional mortar-based assembly system

  • Placement occurring on an existing substructure;
  • Time of construction: dependent on mortar curing time;
  • Joints: 5-10 mm;
  • Results dependant on labor skill;
  • Limited mechanical features to resist earthquakes and wind force.