For construction companies

Innovative solutions that allow for a reduction in time, cost and investments.

Prefabricated components fully dry assembled through recyclable plastic profiles for the optimization of financial and energy resources in the building sectors.

Translucent multifunctional building components made of innovative glass elements. The glass components have high insulation power and are integrated with coloured, transparent solar cells and/or LED devices. They can be used for the construction of smart building façades and roofs to reduce energy consumption and produce clean energy from the sun.

For architects

Solutions highly customizable in dimension, colour, transparency and design to adapt to any costumers’ need.

Thanks to their modularity, the building components can be used to obtain a variety of design solutions for the construction of facades, roofs and internal partitions.

Consultancy service to support the selection of the product (panels dimensions, transparency, thermal transmittance etc…), their energy performance and their integration in the building.

For administrations

Smart, innovative and customizable solutions that combine functionality, aesthetics and energy efficiency.

Multifunctional components that guarantee benefits and function usually provided by different building elements. They can be used for indoor and outdoor applications to produce energy and light.

Self-sufficient micro-architectures and smart shelters that exploit solar energy to provide electricity through environmental friendly solutions.